Wally Westmore



influencing the standards of beauty: the icons

Wally was at Paramount for 38 years as Makeup Director and in that time he made up some of the most memorable beauties to have ever graced the silver screen.

Wally's cameo on This is your life: Harold Lloyd

Wally Alice in Wonderland 1933.jpg

alice in wonderland (1930)

The masks that Wally created for Alice in Wonderland, are patented. He developed a way for the actor to control his facial expressions through the latex mask. Even the eyes would blink.


Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde: an onscreen transformation

Wally's make-up for Fredric March was considered "ground-breaking" for it's time. Essentially, he delivered an on-screen transformation without the use of CGI effects in 1931 using makeup and lights.  He used a red-hued make-up to create shadowing on March's face and hands, then as the lights were brought up in red, the red makeup disappeared. As the green light was used the red color turned black.