Monte Westmore: The Years 1938 - 1940


Gone with the wind (1939)

Selznick began filming in December of 1938, but Monte had already started filming makeup tests in late 1937.

Vivien Leigh,   Gone with the Wind  ,  Make-up Test, 1937.

Vivien Leigh, Gone with the Wind,  Make-up Test, 1937.


intermezzo: A love story (1939)

Memos from Selznick required that actress, Ingrid Bergman have the "proper hairdress" and the "proper mouth make-up." He wanted to be sure that she was filmed only on her good side and with her chin down.

Rebecca (1940)

David O. Selznick met  Joan Fontaine at a Garden Party at Charlie Chaplin's home.   He offered her a screen test for the part of the 2nd Mrs. DeWinter.  Other actresses that were up for the role included: Vivien Leigh, Nova Pilbeam, Margaret Sullivan, Loretta Young, Anita Louise, Anne Baxter, Jean Muir, and Audrey Reynolds.   Memos to Monte from Selznick complained about her lashes being too long.

Joan Fontaine,   Rebecca  , 1940.

Joan Fontaine, Rebecca, 1940.